Castle Style Packages

Rainbow's Castle Style playsets feature the following:

• Unique Silhouette
• 360º Tire Swing
• Jacob’s Rope Ladder
• Super Flared Canopy & Flags
• Two Extra Wide Ladders
• Unique Step/Chain Combo Ladder
• Best Structure for Unlevel Yards

Your next step in choosing the perfect playset for you and your family is to choose a size. Choose a size to view the different packages offered with each size.

 Sunshine Castle - Deck Height: 5'2", Swing Height: 8.5'

 Rainbow CastleDeck Height: 5'8", Swing Height: 9'

 Monster CastleDeck Height: 6', Swing Height: 9.25'

 King Kong CastleDeck Height: 7'2", Swing Height: 10.5' 




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