Pre-owned Pinball Machines

We are always looking for new pinball's. We buy pinball's and do trades. 
Every pinball that we sell comes with a 90 day warranty. They will be completely refurbished. When we refurbish a pinball we take off everything on the play field, clean the play field, replace light bulbs and rubbers, clean all the plastics and posts, then reassemble it. Many of the pinball's we sell also have been converted to LED light bulbs. We service the games we sell. If you don't buy it from us then we don't service it. 
If your looking for a certain pinball  let us know and we will try to find that machine for you.  
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Aladdin's Castle Pinball Machine by Bally

Aladdin's Castle Pinball Machine by Bally was made in 1976. This machine has a gene theme.

Beat Time Pinball Machine by Williams

Beat Time was made by Williams in 1967. The backglass on this machine shows the name "The Bootles instead of "The Beatles".

Demolish Man Pinball Machine By Williams

Demolish Man was made by Williams in 1994. This pinball is based on a movie. It is a wide body machine.

Firepower II Pinball Machine by Williams

Firepower II is made by Williams in 1983. It is a solid state machine with a plane theme.

Jack in the Box Pinball Machine by Gottlieb

Jack in the Box was made by Gottlieb in 1973. This machine has a circus/carnival theme.

Red and Ted Road Show Pinball Machine By Williams

Red and Ted Road Show was made by Williams in 1994. This machine as a construction theme. It is also part of the Williams/Bally Wide body collection.