Pinball Machines

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Aladdin's Castle Pinball Machine by Bally

Aladdin's Castle Pinball Machine by Bally was made in 1976. This machine has a gene theme.

Beat Time Pinball Machine by Williams

Beat Time was made by Williams in 1967. The backglass on this machine shows the name "The Bootles instead of "The Beatles".

Demolish Man Pinball Machine By Williams

Demolish Man was made by Williams in 1994. This pinball is based on a movie. It is a wide body machine.

Firepower II Pinball Machine by Williams

Firepower II is made by Williams in 1983. It is a solid state machine with a plane theme.

Flight 2000 Pinball Machine by Stern

Flight 2000 Pinball Machine was made by Stern in 1980. It is the first talking Stern game.

High Speed Pinball Machine By Williams

High Speed pinball made in 1986 by Williams. This is the first pinball to complete a whole song. It is also the First Williams pin game to use alpha-numeric displays and the first to have Jackpot available only during multiball.